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Southeast Tuscany

We will ride from Montalcino to Cortona surrounded by bucolic landscapes, immense wheat fields and all the romanticism of the old Tuscany, composing the scenery of our week. The emblematic Brunellos and a gastronomy with fresh and intense flavors will be at the table during our meals.


Puglia, the region located on the heel of Italy's boot, remains relatively unknown to foreigners and tourists. Its coastline is one of the most beautiful in the country. Small villages, crystal blue water, white sand beaches, medieval castles and churches, extensive olive groves, and an enviable gastronomy. Its coast is delineated by wonderful cities, like Polignano to Tide. Need more reasons to love Puglia? Just come with us to cycle through this wonderful region!


Piedmont is the region of truffles and 'nocciola'. At the foot of the Alps, the delicate profile of the hills and the vast plain, make this region an extraordinary place of encounter of history and culture. It is the land of peasant traditions, with rice fields to lose sight of, the hillsides planted with vineyards and the wooded mountains, enrich the landscape of the region.

Garda Lake

One of the wonders of Italy is the immense Lago di Garda between the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and the largest in Italy, the lake is situated between the provinces of Brescia and Verona, being bordered by beautiful villages with its parks and resorts. Also called Benaco, Lago di Garda has a fascinating history told by castles and ruins of ancient Roman villas. From north to south are 50 km straight and to take a full turn around the lake are approximately 160 km in circumference. In some places the lake is as deep as 350 meters.

Tuscany - Chianti

Through the fields of the Chianti region you will cycle from Florence to Siena through medieval streets and villages as if you were creating a renaissance painting. Tasting the region's wines and olive oil combined with local gastronomy will make this week unforgettable. Cycling in Italy is not always an easy task, and this tour is no exception. However, the distances are not long and the scenery wonderful!

The coast of Tuscany known as Maremma, is not on the circuit of bus tours. This isolated region in southern Tuscany remains true to its roots with small villages. Separated by forests of chestnut trees and vineyards in expansion, the cities of the Maremma remained isolated of the tourist crowdedness'. The region is unique because of the variety of its territory: blue sea, extensive beaches, huge trees, vineyards, olive groves and marshes. The hills are softer than those in central Tuscany, making it easier for cycling. The Maremma is not just the landscapes, it's also a region rich in typical products to be enjoyed. Mountains and the sea combine perfectly with the food and wine. On this tour we will spend the night in three different medieval coastal villages. You can visit Etruscan ruins, castles, wineries and a wonderful beach.

Tuscany - Maremma


The region of Umbria is characterized by dark woods that have no contact with the sea. However, it is cutted by rivers and full of lakes from which fish, such as carp, trout and eel are taken.

What goes to the table is ruled by the seasons. In autumn and winter, for example, hunter-based dishes predominate and it is more common to find recipes that incorporate Norcia's delicate black truffles. It is remarkable the production of sausages, the quality of the meat and the talent of the producers of this type of food. It is a land of saints. To mention two, St. Francis (of Assisi) and St. Clare. The gastronomy of this region of green hills and mild climate, retains a rather rustic simplicity: Pork, truffle and olive oil are the main ingredients of this cuisine.


Sicily is a wonderful place to ride a bike! Be aware that it is not a flat island! You will see the interior of a lesser known Sicily, will be surrounded by farms, huge wheat fields and a variety of fruit trees. The tour includes a night at the Palazzo Adriano, which was one of the places used for filming "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" - Oscar for best foreign film. In the second part of the tour we will cross the Madonie Regional Park, a marvelous route, and then The last night of the trip is in the wonderful Cefalù, famous for its lovely duomo.


Sardinia is interesting for its history, its traditions and its cuisine. All washed by the Mediterranean Sea, it is known by the blue tone and the splendid transparency of its waters. On hot days, when the sirocco winds blow, the earth smells of wild rosemary and thyme. The Emerald Coast is the most sophisticated place on the island and the gateway to get there is Olbia, the northernmost city on the island. Sardinian cuisine has evolved in a peculiar way and still retains many of its old characteristics, its still unknown wines carry the characteristics of the volcanic "terroir" allied to the breeze of the Mediterranean!